Remote Sensing, GIS and Mapping

To complement our diverse environmental services, Georisk Environmental Solutions provides mapping and spatial analysis services that add value to your environmental data. We advise government, private sector, and non-government clients on the geographic information systems technology for environmental monitoring and management.


With expertise in remote sensing, GIS, and data management, our specialists develop datasets and analyses that allow you to observe and understand key environmental features of your project, we gather and analyze geospatial and satellite Earth observation data to extract levels of information to highlight patterns and relationships useful for your project, such as terrain, land cover, the built environment, water resources, and sensitive habitats.


We are specialized in Spacial Analyses including Geostatistic Modelling, in land cover classification using satellite & aerial multispectral data.  We offer cutting-edge technology and methods for extracting useful information from a variety of remotely sensed data, including: 

  • Digital image processing
  • Landsat, Sentinel, NAIP...
  • Image classification and feature extraction
  • Machine learning models for land cover classification


We would be happy to provide you with more details about our company and what we can do for you. Contact us at +1 613-816-2948+1 613-816-2948 or use our contact form.

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Based in BC, we are registered with the Association of Engineers and Geoscientist of British Columbia 

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