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Leachate Definition: Any liquid or suspended material which has percolated from industrial facility (mining or petroleum industry) or municipal solid waste disposal contaminating ground water or soil beyond the standard regulation limits. Which can be harmful for the environment.


Our monitoring program consist of the following:

  • Site visit and inspection
  • Aerial pictures, spectral images of Sites
  • Collecting soil gas of contaminated Sites
  • Cartography,monitoring of remediation process
  • On-site and field testing for instantaneous results
  • Collecting water sample, soil sample to confirm results in the lab

The results provided with those tests and inspections are extremly important to manage the remediation program and to provide to the client or municipality/government/regulatory body, a detailed verification report.


We also use Electrical Resistivity Topography (ERT) associated with GPR to determine the extend of underground contamination (including leakage, AMD/Leachate, toxic heavy metal, oil).


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