Environmental Site Assessment Phase 2

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the first intrusive step in site characterization. The purpose is to determine if any contamination exists, and to what extent. Commonly, ESA Phase 2 is required if a site or an adjacent property is or has been used as a dry cleaner, auto repair garage, manufacturing facility, gas service station, scrap yard, or if an underground tank storage exist.


 While conducting a Phase II ESA, an environmental consultant visits the site to test the Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APECs) which were identified in the Phase 1. A sampling plan is established based on each site’s unique APECs. Work generally requires several members of the environmental consulting team to be present on the site along with a drilling subcontractor to reach sub-surface samples. The team investigates the site by taking surface and sub-surface soil samples, surface and groundwater samples, and other materials on site as necessary.


The result of a Phase II ESA is the determination of the need for a remedial work plan and may also allow the determination of whether conditions or events at the site are causing or likely to cause adverse effects and will require notification to the appropriate regulatory authority. After Phase II we will determine whether site remediation (Phase III ESA) is required.


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